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In Arcane Odyssey, players have a choice of some of the best magic elements to utilize in battle, but it is also up to them to choose their Fighting Style. Fighting Styles are the more physical abilities used in battles that rely heavily on the player's strength. You can learn multiple styles in the game from NPC trainers, but some of them are more useful than others. We ranked them in tiers to make it easier to decide which one you might want to be using.

Arcane Odyssey All Fighting Styles Tier List

Each player may have a different opinion on which Fighting Styles work better and deal the most damage based on their own experiences. Some Fighting Styles are more efficient due to a player's skills or magic that they wield, so they might rearrange the list appropriately. However, this is our list based on the base damage and abilities that these styles provide:

Tier:Fighting Styles:
SThermo Fist, Sailor Fist
AIron Leg, Cannon Fist
CBasic Combat

All Fighting Style in Arcane Odyssey, Ranked

Arcane Odyssey Best Fighting Style Tier List - Roblox (1)

Each style has its benefits and disadvantages, but the most significant factor in determining whether a style may be more effective than others is the damage it can deal. If a style requires a higher base strength level, it is probably because it will damage players to more significant amounts. We've ranked them based on our tier list above:


Thermo Fist

Thermo Fist, in our opinion, is the best Fighting Style you can utilize in the game currently, and that is because this style, unlike the others, continues to get more powerful as you use it. Thermo Fist engulfs your fists or weapon with a fiery aura. Your temperature bar will increase as you hit opponents, progressively building your damage and speed the hotter the temperature gets. At 50%, you can begin igniting your enemies with your fire. Due to its passive regen energy, this style also doesn't require any charging whatsoever. It is also one of the most complex styles to master, which may be its only downside for players. It costs 100 Strength and 300 Galleons, and the trainer will also require the player to go on a quick treasure hunt.

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Sailor Fist

Sailor Fist is one of the most unique Fighting Styles in the game, requiring the user to consume seawater to build energy and essentially make this skill usable. With this Fighting Style, you can deliver water-based attacks, which are so great due to their AoE and because it also opens up the option to combo with elemental attacks. Inflicted opponents will receive Soaked status, meaning magic like Lighting deals extra damage. The only downside to this style, and why it sits just one down from the top of the list, is that it loses power the less energy you have. You need to keep dunking your head in seawater or drinking vials of it to keep your energy up and keep this style strong. You can learn it by hunting down three Sharks for the trainer in Shell Island and having 100 Strength.


Cannon Fist

Cannon Fist is precisely as it sounds. You wield cannon balls in your hands and throw them at your opponents. Although it is slower than the boxing style, it still manages to outrank it due to the fact that it is an insane counter for enemy ships since you are essentially a human cannon with zero cooldown time needed. The only downside to this style is that you must provide ammunition, which means you must always stay stocked up on cannon balls. It also only has a mid-to-close range, so you'll need to be reasonably close to deal the proper damage. You can learn this style by completing two bounties for the trainer, having 80 Strength, and paying 300 Galleons.

Iron Leg

Iron Leg is one of the better Fighting Styles due to its adaptability. This is one of the few styles you can use with a weapon and it will be more effective based on your chosen weapon. Katanas, in particular, make this style faster. Since this is a leg style, you use potent kicks to knock opponents back and, with its iron element, can also inflict bleed damage on opponents. This style can be more powerful based on how the player chooses to use it, but with its base stats, it sits comfortably in our A-tier. You can learn it by completing the quest Leg Day at its trainer and having 80 Strength.

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Boxing is a hit or miss when it comes to Fighting Styles. It can either be a player's favorite style or be a bit disappointing. The biggest thing it has going for it is its speed. It is one of the fastest styles you can utilize and can knock opponents backward. However, in terms of damage, it really doesn't deliver as much as some of the others. As you master the style, you will be able to choose some upgrades to its abilities, but it just won't cut it by itself as you delve into more challenging areas. You can get this style with 30 Strength and 200 Galleons.


Basic Combat

All players start with basic combat maneuvers. This allows you to punch and kick the enemies with medium range but the lowest damage output of all the styles. This starter style does the trick for the beginning of your journey but will quickly become useless as you face more challenging enemies, which is why it sits at the bottom of our rankings in the C-tier. You get this style for free at the start of the game.

These are our current rankings for the Fighting Styles currently in the game. However, as the game updates, more styles could be added. There is already talk of some exceptional Lost Fighting Styles, such as Radius Fist, Impact Fist, and Vampirism, that might soon be revealed in the game. We will update this page as needed, so keep checking back.

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Arcane Odyssey Best Fighting Style Tier List - Roblox (2024)
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