Conan Exiles – All Sorcerer Locations & Where To Find (2024)

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Learning sorcery in Conan Exiles requires upgrading the Tome of Kurak using a specific item from sorcerers. Here's where to find them all.

By Ashleigh Klein |

First Published September 9, 2022, 15:38

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Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery update finally brings this dark magical practice to the Exiled Lands, but players will need to unlock this mechanic before mastering it. Once unlocked, they’ll need to upgrade the sorcery book, the Tome of Kurak, using Sorcerous Spell pages.

These and additional items can be acquired from defeating sorcerers across the region, but how to find them is pretty confusing. This guide details all known sorcerer NPC locations and how to find them all in Conan Exiles.

All Sorcerer Locations And Coordinates In Conan Exiles

As we’ve previously outlined, players must find the Dead Sorcerer’s Map should they wish to unlock sorcery in-game. Once they’ve found the map and located the Tome of Kurak, they can begin unlocking every spell and ability using Sorcerous Spell pages and other items.

Usually acquired from sorcerers, they can be found nearby or at NPC campsites, altars, sacrificial stones, and other places of power, alone or with another sorcerer. If a sorcerer isn’t found at its supposed designated location, wait around 20-25 minutes for them to respawn before defeating or capturing them.

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We’ve listed all the locations for where they can find Sorcerer NPCs and their corresponding coordinates in Conan Exiles:

  1. Skulker’s End (D4): Located within a campsite, the sorcerer NPC can be found beside the sacrificial stone on the western side of the camp.
  2. Narrowneck Span (I4): Atop a cliff’s edge, look for a dancer NPC nearby, and head north to find the sorcerer NPC.
  3. Carver’s Crest (H4): This sorcerer NPC is spotted hidden amongst the fauna on a cliff nearby a campsite.
  4. The Summoning Place (H5): At the temple, go up two flights of stairs and go east to find the sorcerer NPC at a sacrificial stone.
  5. Spinebreaker’s Flank (H5): Not far from The Summoning Place, a sorcerer is located west of the campsite against a large boulder.
  6. Watchers Waystation (I5): This sorcerer is nearby a Circle of Power at a campsite
  7. Tarman’s Berth (J5): Head up the sand-laden pathway and look for a wooden cage on the right side to find the sorcerer NPC behind it.
  8. Voyager’s Vigil (I7): Head for the lower section to find the sorcerer NPC at the sacrificial stone in the center.
  9. Ruins of Al-Merayah (H7): At the ruins, go behind the stone wall, and straight ahead is the sorcerer NPC; if they make their way to the center of the ruins, another sorcerer NPC is spotted at a bonfire.
  10. Howler’s Lode (F7): Head up the dune side to find the sorcerer NPC sitting close by a small fire.
  11. The Den (E8): Two sorcerer NPCs can be found at a sacrificial stone by remaining on the upper side of the location, with a wooden staircase not far from their location.
  12. Sepermeru/Temple Quarter (B7): Head west from the village entrance, and behind the buildings are two sorcerers with another atop a hill hidden in a recess of a building.
  13. The Dryfalls (J7): Located on the slope of a mountain, traverse across the rocks and drop down onto the slope to find the sorcerer alone.
  14. Descent of Dagon (M6): Deep within the jungles, head down into the ruins and go east down the stairs before passing the tent to find the sorcerer close by another set of stairs.
  15. Pagoda of Boundless Lusts (O5): Located inside the ruins, this sorcerer is found amongst statues
  16. Buccaneer Bay (N7): Take the wooden bridge across to reach the sorcerer on the small island
  17. Talier’s Berth (M8): Go up the stairs at the runes and keep going north to find the sorcerer nearby a platform.
  18. Trapper’s Cabin (G9): Head down to the river bed, and inside the hut is the sorcerer NPC
  19. New Asagarth (E10): Head into the village and locate the hall to find the sorcerer NPC inside
  20. Mounds of the Dead [1&2] (B11): The first sorcerer NPC is inside the second building within the tribe’s camp and the other sorcerer NPC is at the third building
  21. Small Camp (A12): On the mountain slope, this sorcerer NPC can be seen fighting off a wolf nearby a bonfire
  22. Shrine of the Oracle (G/H13): Two sorcerers can be found next to each other nearby a giant ornate statue when entering the shrine

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Conan Exiles – All Sorcerer Locations & Where To Find (2024)


Where do sorcerers spawn in Conan? ›

A Sorcerer spawn (and scroll) are in Seppermeru on a cliff above the ridge where you can find the 2 alchemists by the West Gate in B7 (directly east of the Westwall map marker).

Where to get sorcery Conan Exiles? ›

Go to the Shaleback Hollow in the Exiled Lands' southern region. You will discover the Sorcery Book inside, which contains the secret to releasing sorcery.

Where to find sorcerer spell pages in Conan? ›

Pretty much everywhere there is a sorcerer you can find a sorcerous spell page ready to pick up, you can within a few hours have enough of those pages needed for learning all spells, the other resources required may take a bit more time.

Where do sorcerers live? ›

Sorcerers were found throughout all of the world, though some realms had a greater tolerance for their talents than others.

Where is Sorcerer set? ›

An ambitious, budget-busting adventure-thriller set in a South American oil refinery town and its surrounding mountainous jungle, Sorcerer was intended as a loose remake of Henri-Georges Cluozot's undisputed 1951 classic Wages of Fear.

What is the age of sorcery in Conan? ›

In Age of Sorcery, you can choose to sacrifice your life force in return for a plethora of corrupting sorceries. Summon demonic mounts and followers, conceal yourself from sight, conjure darkness at will, and bring down thunderclaps from the heavens – this and much more await.

Where can I find Thorn sorcery? ›

Elden Ring Thorn Sorcerer Locations

Mountaintops of the Giants: they are found accompanying the Fire Prelate just north of the Giants' Mountaintop Catacombs before the long thin bridge, as well as around the Guardians' Garrison.

Where is the Sorcerer Cave? ›

The sorcerer's cave is located high above the village of Saint-Cirq, between le Bugue and les Eyzies de Taillac. The cave nestles in the hollow of a cliff in the Vézère valley.

Where is Sorcerer's Cave, Texas? ›

Sorcerer's Cave (Terrell County) is the deepest at 170 meters (558 feet).

Where do sorcerers get their magic? ›

Sorcerers carry a magical birthright conferred upon them by an exotic bloodline, some otherworldly influence, or exposure to unknown cosmic forces.

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