Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Namekian Build Guide (2024)

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There are multiple races to choose from while creating your character in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2, and each of them offers different bonuses that give your character an advantage over the other races. Many players have multiple characters, so they can use a build with each race; however, prioritizing a single build is best if you're a new player.

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Namekians are particularly powerful when it comes to both melee and blast damage, so they're a powerful option if you want to create a balanced build. You need to know about a few important things while creating a Namekian character for maximum efficiency, so here are the best skills, equipment, and bonuses for a Namekian build.

Updated July 15, 2023, by Sean Murray: Following in Piccolo's footsteps? Then you'll be happy to note we've refreshed this guide with improved formatting and some breakout tips to make your Namekian build in Xenoverse 2 that much better.

Namekian Bonuses

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The primary advantages that Namekians share are their high health stat and balanced base damage for ki blast attacks and melee damage. Namekians don't deal as much damage with their attacks as other races.

While a Namekian's health is low, their health regeneration is 50 percent higher, and items are more effective. Namekians also have 20 percent higher stamina regeneration than other races. Unfortunately, Namekians are slower than average, which is one of their primary disadvantages.

The Best Stats And Abilities For A Namekian Build

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There are dozens of abilities to customize your characters with, ranging from melee attacks to giant blasts. Along with your skills, you also need to customize your stats to work well with your race.

Customizing your character's stats and abilities is a crucial aspect of the build creation process. Here are the best stats and abilities for a Namekian build.

How To Spend Your Attribute Points For A Namekian

You earn attribute points when you level up your character, so you should get them regularly while playing. You can level up by completing activities such as the main story and parallel quests.

You can earn 375points in total by leveling your character up to level 99.

You place attribute points into any of the six main stats, including Health, Stamina, BasicAttacks, Ki, StrikeSupers, and KiBlastSupers. Each of these stats grants individual advantages to a certain aspect of your character's combat ability.

The best way to customize a Namekian character is with a balanced build. Follow the stat point distribution below to maximize your character's potential. This distribution is with all 375 available points unlocked, but you can also customize your character with a different distribution by following the guide below roughly to create your own individual build.







Basic Attacks




Strike Supers


Ki Blast Supers


The Best Skills For A Namekian Build

There are many skills you can unlock and equip in Xenoverse 2, so you have a lot of choices when it comes to this aspect of customization. However, there are a few skills that fit a balanced Namekian build quite well, and they vary between Strike Super skills and Ki Blast Super skills.

Most evasive skills work well with Namekians, so you don't need to focus on a specific one for your build. Below you can find the best skills for this balanced Namekian build and how to get them.


Damage Type

How To Unlock

Super God Fist

Strike Super

Complete Parallel Quest 67

Meteor Crash

Strike Super

Complete Parallel Quest 12

Death Beam

Ki Blast Super

Train With Frieza


Support Skill

Complete Parallel Quest 122

The Best Ultimate Skill For A Namekian Build

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For your ultimate ability, you can use both regular ultimate skills and transformations, which make your character stronger in various ways. The best transformation you can use with a Namekian build is the BecomeGiant ability. You can get this skill from the Guru'sHouse time rift.

If you need a more traditional ultimate attack, then you should use the SpecialBeamCannon attack, which you unlock by training with Piccolo. This attack is perfect if you want a powerful ki blast ultimate skill; however, it doesn't work well if you prefer melee attacks.

The best ultimate skill for a Namekian build that primarily focuses on melee attacks is the DeathMeteor skill. You can earn this attack by completing ExpertMission7. Death Meteor deals a lot of damage in a single hit, so it's a great choice for finishing off your enemies when their health is low.

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The Best Equipment For A Namekian Build

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After you've customized your character's stats and skills, you need to focus on equipment. Equipment comes in many different forms, including Outfits, Super Souls, and QQ Bangs. There are various ways to obtain each of these items, so you should know everything about them and the best ones for a Namekian build.

The Best Outfit For A Namekian Build

Outfits are fun items you can equip as cosmetic attire. However, they also include stat changes that can boost the attributes you use. You can overwrite the stat changes of your current outfit with a QQ Bang, so you can wear an outfit that you like cosmetically even if it doesn't align with your build.

Since you don't need to worry about your outfit's stats, you can focus on its cosmetic appearance. One of the best-looking outfits for a Namekian character is the DemonClothes set since they resemble Piccolo's outfit. You can get the Demon Clothes outfit by completing ParallelQuestThree, which is possible early in a playthrough.

If you're a fan of traditional Namekian clothing, then the Demon Clothes are one of your best options.

The Best Super Soul For A Namekian Build

Super Souls are a great way to gain an extra boost to certain aspects of your build or get unique bonuses that aren't available elsewhere. Each Super Soul is unique, and they often relate to a specific character, similar to outfits.

One of the best Super Souls you can use if you want to deal heavy damage is "I've Cast Everything Aside For This" because it increases the damage you deal with every attack by a lot. However, it comes with a notable downside in that you take more damage from any attack that hits you. This Super Soul also decreases stamina regeneration, ki regeneration, and reduces your movement speed.

To get "I've Cast Everything Aside For This," you need to complete ParallelQuest145.

Another powerful Super Soul you can use for your Namekian build if you're prioritizing ki blast attacks is "I'm Neither Kami Nor Piccolo." This Super Soul increases the damage of your ki blasts when your character's stamina is at its maximum.

The ability works well with the stats above since you won't have a significant stamina pool, so you can quickly max out your stamina. You get this Super Soul for finishing ParallelQuest30.

The Best QQ Bang For A Namekian Build

QQ Bangs allow you to disregard the stat changes from your gear and use the QQ Bang's stats instead. This is useful if you like an outfit but don't want its stat bonuses. Using a QQ bang is also easier than finding an outfit that works well with your build.

The QQ Bang stat changes you should prioritize are increasing your StrikeSuper and KiBlastSuper stats since they primarily determine how much damage you deal. The exact stats you should adjust with a QQ Bang will vary heavily depending on which stats are your priority.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2: Namekian Build Guide (2024)
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