GTA Online Arcade Machine Guide – CAMHEDZ (Los Santos Tuners) (2024)

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How to purchase and play the CAMHEDZ arcade machine in GTA Online.

An arcade machine called CAMHEDZ was added to GTA Online as part of the Los Santos Tuners update. You can purchase this arcade machine and place it in your arcade using the laptop in your arcade office. CAMHEDZ is an altered version of the Badlands Revenge II arcade mini-game, which is also available for you to purchase.

The CAMHEDZ arcade machine pays homage to the game series ‘Manhunt’, which was also developed by Rockstar Games. CAMHEDZ is named after a gang that didn’t make it into the final version of Manhunt.

CAMHEDZ includes several references to the familiar characters from the Manhunt game, such as the white rabbit, the monkeys, the piggsy (reimagined as bearsy in CAMHEDZ), etc.

There are five challenges you can complete by playing CAMHEDZ, in order to earn some awards and associated rewards. There are five T-shirts and a trophy to be earned, if you complete all five challenges.

The challenges are not that difficult and can be completed in a single run. There are five scenes in this arcade game, with each scene being one level. If you’d like, you can also refer to our video guide too.

Note that you must have bought an arcade, or else you can’t do these challenges and unlock the rewards. To buy an arcade in GTA Online, you must meet Lester Crest at Mirror Park. You can then purchase an arcade from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.

CAMHEDZ Arcade Machine Guide

Buying & Placing CAMHEDZ

Assuming you’ve already bought an arcade, head over to your arcade.

Go to the office and access the laptop to get to the arcade machine’s buying screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find CAMHEDZ which costs $362,500. Purchase it.

After purchasing, leave your arcade and roam around until you get a message confirming the delivery of your CAMHEDZ arcade machine.

Head back to the arcade office, sit next to the laptop and manage your arcade machines. Navigate to a double slot to place the CAMHEDZ arcade machine.

Once done, go outside to interact with the machine and play the mini-game.

Challenges & Rewards

The following are the challenges and associated rewards.

Faces of Death

  • Challenge: Carry out over 30 headshots across all scenes in Camhedz.

  • Reward: Faces of Death Tee

Straight To Video

  • Challenge: Complete all levels using only the pistol in Camhedz.

    For this one, do not shoot any ammo shells or nail guns. It will change your weapon preventing you from getting the award.

  • Reward: Straight To Video Tee

Monkey See Monkey Do

  • Challenge: Kill all costumed weirdos across all scenes in Camhedz.

    Whenever you see a monkey or a character in a bunny costume, kill them to cross all the scenes (levels) to get this award.

  • Reward: Monkey See Monkey Do Tee

Trained To Kill

  • Challenge: Get an average of 60% accuracy across all scenes in Camhedz.

  • Reward: Trained To Kill Tee

The Director

  • Challenge: Get a 5-star rating on each of the scenes in Camhedz.

  • Reward: The Director Tee

Note that if you’re not able to find the t-shirts, you will need to navigate down to the ‘Special Tops’ first.

Then open ‘Arcade’ to find all your t-shirts.

Another important point to know is that you can shoot explosive items such as Molotov & Dynamites. Shooting them won’t void any of the awards.


Upon completing all five challenges, you are also rewarded with a unique VHS Tape Trophy for your arcade office.

Simply visit your arcade office after completing the challenges, and you will find it on your desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the arcades in GTA?

There are six arcade locations in GTA Online: The Warehouse in Davis, Videogeddon in La Mesa, Eight-Bit in Vinewood, Insert Coin in Rockford Hills, Wonderama in Grapeseed, and Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay.

Do GTA arcades make money?

Yes, arcades in GTA Online can generate passive income. On average, you can earn up to $5,000 per in-game day from your arcade’s machines, making them a worthwhile investment for those looking to earn money without active gameplay.

Which arcade machines to buy in GTA?

If you’re on a budget, it’s recommended to start with cheaper arcade games like Monkey’s Paradise and Penetrator. For collectors, the latest CAMHEDZ is a good choice to complete your collection. Ultimately, the best arcade machines to buy in GTA Online are the ones you and your friends enjoy playing, as they provide a mix of passive income and entertainment.

Why can’t I buy arcades in GTA?

If you’re unable to buy an arcade location, make sure you have met the requirements for it, such as meeting with Lester at Mirror Park, having enough funds to cover the location’s cost, and not going over your property limit (10 properties).

GTA Online Arcade Machine Guide – CAMHEDZ (Los Santos Tuners) (2024)


What is Camhedz in GTA? ›

Camhedz, stylized in all caps "CAMHEDZ", is a 2-player arcade minigame in Grand Theft Auto Online. The game is an in-universe ROM hack of Badlands Revenge II, developed by Pixtro.

Who is the last boss in Camhedz? ›

Bearsy, the final boss. He appears in "The Hurd" stage, attacking the player by throwing meats and bones when he moves at a distance, or using a chainsaw when closer to the screen. Bearsy is almost invincible, yet vulnerable when he flashes green, which is when the player needs to shoot him.

How to win axe of fury? ›

This challenge simply requires the player to achieve the maximum score of 1100 decibels. This requires practice and timing to be able to stop the power bar in the brightest hue of red on the meter, where the most amount of points can be gained. Completing this challenge will reward the player with the "Get Metal Tee".

What is the fastest tuners in Los Santos? ›

Growler, Vectre, and more lead the way as the fastest Tuners in GTA Online (lap time)
  • A Jester RR (Image via Rockstar Games)
  • A Growler (Image via Rockstar Games)
  • A Calico GTF (Image via Rockstar Games)
  • A Vectre (Image via Rockstar Games)
  • A Sultan RS Classic (Image via Rockstar Games)
Sep 22, 2023

What is the best Los Santos Tuners car to buy? ›

The Karin Calico GTF is one of the best choices among the Los Santos Tuners cars. It is based on the Toyota Celica GT4, a renowned rally car. It performs much like a rally car in GTA Online, being one of the best 4WD cars in-game. The Calico GTF can be purchased for $1,995,000 from Southern SA Super Autos.

What vehicles are part of Los Santos Tuners? ›

Purchasable immediately
Annis RemusA 2-door coupé based on the Nissan Silvia (S13).
Dinka RT3000A roadster seemingly based on the Honda S2000.
Obey Tailgater SA modernized variant of the Tailgater, resembling the Audi RS3 Sedan (8V).
15 more rows

What is the G stash in GTA? ›

GTA Online G's Caches are small crates that have been hidden away from prying eyes by Gerard, an old contact of Lamar's, and if you manage to seek out G's Stash then a selection of rewards including snacks, ammo, and cash can be yours.

What is hobos in GTA? ›

For the homeless people in GTA games, see Tramps. Household Order Bin Operations (HOBO) is a garbage and waste management company featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

What is Russian GTA? ›

Russian GTA is a cool third person open world driving game similar to Grand Theft Auto, one of the world's most popular games ever, and you can play it online and for free on

What is the best car tuning in GTA 5 Online? ›

The Best Tuner Car in GTA 5 is Based on a Classic JDM Car

For hardcore car enthusiasts, the Karin Sultan RS Classic is the perfect choice, with its top speed of 117.50 mph (189.1 km/h). It's also one of the best-looking cars in the game, being based on the classic Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Subaru Impreza 22B STI.

What is the fastest car in GTA 5? ›

The fastest car in GTA 5 Online is the BF Weevil Custom, available for $980,000. Despite its appearance, the vehicle can achieve a top speed of 137.5 mph or 221.28 kph. With the addition of HSW mods, cars like the Grotti Itali GTO and the Principle Deveste Eight can reach speeds of up to 168 mph.

What's the point of LS Car Meet? ›

Description. , compete against other players in the Test Track and hang out in the car meet to increase your reputation level. Once a player purchases an LS Car Meet Membership from Mimi, attending the LSCM and participating in activities therein will increase the Reputation level similarly to the Arena Points system.

How to tune cars in GTA 5? ›

The only place you can install a Drift Tuning Kit in GTA Online is at the Los Santos Car Meet, which you need to purchase a membership to for $50,000. Once you're a member, you can bring in an eligible car and install Drift Tune for $200,000. It will be the first option when you pull in above Armor.

How do you trigger the Los Santos slasher? ›

The Los Santos Slasher is now on your trail, though he will only appear between the hours of 19:00 and 05:00 in areas to the north side of the island. Go and hang around up there, until a red skull icon appears on your map – the serial killer spawns behind you, so be ready to fight!

How to tune your car in LS Car Meet? ›

Once you own a compatible car, and you've become an LS Car Meet member, take it to Cypress Flats and sit inside your car to bring up the menu. Press right on the d-pad to Mod Vehicle and you'll first need to Convert your car to be compatible with HSW Tuning Upgrades.

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