Meriden Police to Encrypt Scanners, Roll Out Crime Website (2024)

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Community Corner

Scanner listeners will be shut out, but new "Police to Community" website will offer new ways to keep up on local crime.

Laurie Rich Salerno, Patch StaffMeriden Police to Encrypt Scanners, Roll Out Crime Website (2)


Attention Meriden police scanner listeners: In the next two months that app on your iPhone is likely to go silent. So is your trusty radio, if you're an old-school listener. But according to the police, you will still be able to keep track of Meriden crime with a 30-minute delay via the web, and in some interesting new ways.

This September the city is completing a final test run on its three-year, $1.8 million upgrade of the Meriden Police Department's radio system. The upgrade switched the department's radio signal from analog to digital. The new digital signal provides clearer communications and fewer "dead spots" in the community where radios traditionally haven't worked well, like parts of Westfield Shopping Center and MidState Medical Center, according to Police Chief Jeffry Cossette.

When tests are over, which officials believe will be in the next month-and-a-half, the department will rely solely on its two digital channels (plus a possible third) and leave two analog channels if it needs a backup. It will also start encrypting the digital communications.

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Encryption means that anyone in the public with a police radio, an iPhone app, or an internet connection who has been listening in on Meriden Police radio communications will no longer be able to hear them – this includes reporters, who often depend on the scanner to find out about incidents as they are happening.

In an effort to continue to keep the public and media informed of police activity in lieu of access to radio transmissions, according to Cossette, the department has set up a new "Police to Community" website. The site was created by the Florida software company SunGard and cost the department $150,000, $90,000 of which is drug asset forfeiture money, police said.

Find out what's happening in Meridenwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The site, which itself is still being tested, will offer the public much of the information heard on the scanners, but with a 30 minute delay. It will also provide a number of new ways to keep up on local crime.

Both the encryption and 30 minute delay are for officer safety and efficacy, Cossette said Wednesday. The department fears that the growing prevalence of cheap and free scanner applications for smart phones makes it easy for criminals to track police movements.

"If (someone with a scanner) is committing a burglary and a neighbor sees it and calls us, the burglar would be aware before we could come upon them," Cossette said. Meriden Police Captain Michael Zakrzewski said the department has found scanners on people it has arrested in the past. Encryption also protects sensitive information that is transmitted freely on the scanner – like the addresses of complainants and victims of crimes, according to Cossette.

In place of the scanners, the site will offer a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) page featuring a constantly updating list of the incident calls logged by Meriden Police dispatchers. The list will feature a case number, time of call, address where police are responding and the nature of the call, like an armed robbery or home fire alarm. Those using the site will also be able to map the location of the incident using Google Maps by clicking a button below it.

Each call logged by dispatch – barring sexual assaults, which the software will filter out to protect revealing addresses and identities of victims – will pop up on the page 30 minutes after it is initially logged and stay on the site for 72 hours, Cossette said.

Other features of the site will include, but aren't limited to:

  • An Event Search (seen in photos) that allows users to plug in an address, case number, neighborhood or street and search accidents, arrests, incidents and ordinances for certain dates. Seachers will also be able to obtain a short incident report.
  • An Arrest Blotter with recent arrests and some mug shots. Blotters are currently only available to the public either in the local media or if they physically come in to the police department.
  • A Wanted List with names, addresses, ages and a brief description (ie. W/M/33) of people with active warrants out that were issued by the Meriden Police, and what the charge is for.
  • A separate Most Wanted page with names and photos of those Meriden Police are actively searching for.
  • A Missing Persons page with photos and information about residents on whom missing person reports have been filed.
  • Online Accident Reports, for the parties and insurance companies involved in auto accidents.

Some of the town's neighborhood associations are currently testing the site, according to police, and when it's ready to go, the department will reveal the website address publicly. The department will not encrypt the radio signals until the website is complete, Cossette said.

The move to encrypt Meriden scanners has rankled some longtime listeners, according to the online police radio forum and articles in the Record Journal Newspaper, with some saying that keeping track of scanner traffic helps them stay safe, by knowing where crimes or other incidents are happening in town as they are occuring.

The department believes that with the new website the public will be "informed of the incidents now more than ever, they will know what is happening on their street," said Cossette.

Fire department and emergency services calls will remain unencrypted.

The 30-minute delay will likely slow journalists down from reaching a crime scene, and will decrease the details reporters can glean from listening to the scanner, making them phone the department for information.

Cossette acknowledged that the delay may affect the ability of reporters to immediately respond to a crime scene, but says that the delay may not be as long as it sounds. The 30 minutes begins when the initial call is logged, not when police are at the scene. He said he believes that the system will benefit journalists – if someone hears sirens on their block at 3 a.m. and calls a reporter, they can look up the disturbance from the night before the next morning.

In the end, Cossette said, he feels it's most vital for both the police and community that officers arrive at an incident – like an armed robbery – without tipping off suspects.

"It’s more important that the officers be safe, yet the journalists will be informed in a timely manner," Cossette said.

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Meriden Police to Encrypt Scanners, Roll Out Crime Website (2024)


Why are some police scanners encrypted? ›

American cities are encrypting their emergency radio communications over concerns about safety and privacy. Ernesto Londoño reported from Indianapolis, where he spent hours listening to emergency radio chatter.

How many police officers does Meriden, CT have? ›

On September 28th, 1868 the Meriden Police Department was formed to provide the citizens of the growing City of Meriden with policing services. Since its inception, the Meriden Police Department has grown into a budgeted agency of 127 sworn officer positions of various ranks, and numerous civilian support staff.

Who is the chief of police in Meriden CT? ›

The City of Meriden congratulates Meriden Police Chief Roberto Rosado, who today was sworn in by Mayor Kevin Scarpati as the next President of the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association!

How to listen to p25e? ›

The only way to listen to the encrypted P25 traffic is with a legitimate radio, programmed by the radio network administrator. If you have a legitimate need to listen to the encrypted traffic, you can ask the agency that is managing the radio network to program a compatible radio.

Can police get into encrypted phones? ›

The police could approach your service provider and request data from your phone. If service providers do not cooperate, the police could apply to the court for a warrant to force service providers to provide data contrary to the Digital Economy Act 2017. This would request encrypted data that can be decrypted.

Can police scanners be tracked? ›

With the new 800MHz, ARMER system, every radio has an electronic identifier. It is more of a computer than a radio. Some of them have GPS built in, some don't. If it does, they can track it as soon as it is turned on and logs into the system.

How much do Meriden CT police officers make? ›

How much does a Police Patrol Officer make in Meriden, CT? The average Police Patrol Officer salary in Meriden, CT is $68,569 as of April 24, 2024, but the range typically falls between $64,071 and $74,663.

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How to bypass an encrypted police scanner? ›

There are no loopholes or tricks to get around full encryption. If your area has partial encryption you can still monitor quite a bit, just not what is encrypted.

How to tell if a police frequency is encrypted? ›

There are no scanners available that can monitor encryption; there are no tricky loopholes to work around full encryption*. If your area has partial encryption there are still plenty of channels you can listen to—just not encrypted channels.

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Since a trunking system might send its call and response on different frequencies, a "Trunking" or "Trunk-tracking" scanner is needed. These scanners will let you monitor the control channel frequency as part of the TalkGroup so you can hear both calls and responses and more easily follow conversations.

What does encrypted mean on a scanner? ›

Encryption means certain frequencies are blocked & can't be monitored under any scenario. There are 2 types of encryption: PARTIAL encryption. Example: SWAT team, FBI, narcotics, etc. Use: Most areas have partial encryption.

Are encrypted radios legal? ›

In the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 47 § 97.113 — “Prohibited transmissions,” the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) prohibits amateur radio users from transmitting “messages encoded for the purpose of obscuring their meaning.” This blanket statement effectively prohibits everything from advanced ...

Are all digital radios encrypted? ›

Unlike analogue radios, digital radios communicate via exchanging data with each other. This data can be optionally encrypted via a 40-bit or 256-bit AES encryption key module, that can be installed in the radio.

How do encrypted radios work? ›

Encryption modifies a voice signal using a coding algorithm. An encryption key controls this algorithm. The encryption key is used by the transmit and receive radios to enable the voice signal to be coded and decoded for both radios.

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