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Online Degrees and Programs

Online Courses | Midlands Technical College (1)The following programs can be completed entirely online:

  • Criminal Justice Degree​
  • Criminal Justice Certificate
  • Accounting and Payroll Specialist
  • Medical Coding and Billing Specialist
  • Supervisory Certificate

Many other programs offer online courses for a significant portion of the program requirements.

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Academic students

To view courses, visitthe class search pageand choose "Online" or "Virtual" for the location. Academic students have applied to and been accepted byMTC.

Training students

MTC offers online classes taught by local instructors in virtual and online formats. MTC also provides online options through a network of qualified, national instructors from LERN and EdGo. To view our online courses, visit here and click on the topic you are interested in for a complete course description.

To register, contact the Corporate and Continuing Education Registration Office at 803.732.0432 or

What's the difference between academic programs and training programs?
Only academic programs provide college credit, transfer to four-year colleges and universities, and are eligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA). Training programs can be completed in a matter of weeks or months. These are not eligible for federal financial aid, but they may qualify for other scholarships and grant funds.

Types of Online Courses

MTCoffers online courses in three formats.

Online courses:delivered via the internet and do not have a set daily class schedule. However, you will likely have regular deadlines you must meet each week during the semester.

Virtual courses:delivered online, through free, downloadable web conferencing software and allow you to see, hear, and speak with your instructors in real-time. These courses meet at set times during the week, similar to a traditional on-campus class.

Hybrid courses:feature both on-campus and online learning. Some learning activities will take place online, but classes will meet on-campus on regularly scheduled days and times as well.​

Required Online Orientation Course (Virtual Backpack)

Before registering for an online academic class for the first time, you will need to complete the short, free, and fast Virtual Backpack course. It is not required forhybrid courses, but we strongly recommend you complete it before registering for those courses. This short online course will help introduce you to the structure of online courses and give you some of the technical knowledge you will need to succeed in online classes. Once you have been assigned aD2Laccount, you will automatically be enrolled in the Virtual Backpack course and can access it bylogging into D2L.

Are you a prospectiveMTCstudent who is interested in taking online courses? Use the following credentials to demo the Virtual Backpack. Keep in mind that if you enroll atMTCat a later date you will need to complete the Virtual Backpack under your own account prior to enrolling in online courses.

Demo login:
Demo username:BackpackDemo​
Demo password:BackpackDemo

What to Know Before You Register

Every online and hybrid course at Midlands Technical College has a Preregistration Information Page linked on the Class Search Registration page. This page includes information about each course such as technical requirements, orientation requirements, on-campus/off-campus requirements, etc.

There are many benefits to taking online and hybrid courses, including fewer trips to campus, flexible scheduling, and a relaxed learning environment. However, keep in mind that online and hybrid courses demand that you be self-motivated and proactive. Also, online delivery does not mean the workload is less than a face-to-face course nor does it mean that there are no due dates or attendance requirements. There will be an assignment schedule to follow and instructors will verify attendance through the assigned online activities.

You must have access to reliable internet service to take online or hybrid courses. It is also imperative that you have basic computer skills, such as navigating the internet, sending emails, usingD2LBrightspace, and using common computer software such as Microsoft Word.

Four days before the semester begins, be sure to log intoD2LBrightspaceto access your course syllabi, assignments, and all other information related to the course. Unless otherwise noted, it is very important to have the textbook and all required class materials by the first day of class.

To find the class preregistration pages, pleasesearch for your class here.

If you have any questions regarding your class, contact your instructor immediately.

If you are an otherwise qualified student with a documented disability, please contactDisability Servicesas soon as possible prior to the first day of class to request accommodations.

Student Complaints

In compliance with U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) rules, an institution offering distance education must provide enrolled and prospective students with contact information for filing complaints with its accrediting agency and with the appropriate state agency for handling complaints in the student's state. Please visit theStudent Complaintspage for information about the student grievance process.

Online Courses | Midlands Technical College (2024)


How many hours should I study for an online course? ›

Students taking classes online typically report spending between 15 and 20 hours a week on their studies, but this will largely depend on how many courses they are taking. Undergraduate students can expect to spend about six to eight hours of weekly study time on each three-credit-hour course.

What are most online courses about? ›

Some topics currently dominating the online education market include coding and programming, data science and analytics, digital marketing, and graphic design. These topics are in high demand due to their practical applications in the job market and offer various career opportunities for learners.

Can you do Midlands Tech online? ›

MTC offers online classes taught by local instructors in virtual and online formats. MTC also provides online options through a network of qualified, national instructors from LERN and EdGo.

Why did you decide to take an online course? ›

Convenience and flexibility: As an online student, you can study anytime anywhere. There are no physical class sessions. Online learning a good option for students who need to balance their work and family commitments.

How many hours are 3 credit hours? ›

What is a Credit Hour?
Credits to be earnedHours per week, 7-week courseHours per week, 14-week course
1 credit6 hours3 hours
3 credits18 hours9 hours
6 credits36 hours18 hours
12 credits72 hours36 hours

How many online courses should I take per semester? ›

A full-time student normally enrolls in 12-15 credit hours every semester, or roughly four-five courses, meaning that they have a 24--45 hour workweek.

What is the success rate of online courses? ›

Success rates tend to be higher in face-to-face classes. In Fall 15, face-to-face classes had a success rate of 69% versus only 60% in online classes, a gap of 9%.

Are free online courses worth it? ›

Free online classes can't replace a formal degree. However, these courses can help you build concrete skills and knowledge, establish a specialization within your field and stay up to date in fast-changing industries.

Are online courses easier? ›

But in many cases, an online degree is more challenging for students because it requires more self-discipline and motivation to "take an active part in their learning," Mathes says. And, like residential students, online students need to maintain academic integrity when completing assignments and taking exams.

Can you start online college anytime? ›

You can typically begin taking online courses at the start of any term. However, some schools may require you to start in the fall, while others offer monthly start dates.

Can you go through college online? ›

Are you wondering, Can I do college online? Going to college online is not only possible but quite popular. In 2021, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported that 61% of students took at least one remote learning course and 28% of students accessed higher education online.

Can you do online college on your phone? ›

Some schools may use platforms that work on mobile devices, but not all schools do. If your plan is to use a phone, tablet, or other mobile device exclusively, you should ask advisors or IT staff at your intended school whether or not their learning platform is compatible with mobile devices or offers apps.

Are online college courses worth it? ›

Online programs are absolutely worth it, depending on your circ*mstances. In general, online programs are not easier than on-campus programs. Online programs aren't necessarily more affordable, but they can be. Just like degrees earned on campus, online degrees are widely respected by employers.

How can online courses benefit you? ›

10 Top Benefits of Online Learning for College Students
  • Cost-Effective Learning. ...
  • More Flexibility. ...
  • A Wide Range of Online Classes. ...
  • Self-Paced Learning. ...
  • Improved Technical Skills. ...
  • Virtual Collaboration Skills. ...
  • Study From Anywhere. ...
  • Improve Your Time Management Skills.
Nov 8, 2023

Do people prefer online classes? ›

63% of students choose to study online because of the flexibility of virtual learning.

How long does it take to prepare an online course? ›

If you go for a smaller, First Step Course, creating your course materials (especially if you're creating just your first module) can be done in a week or two, depending on how much time you have to work on your course. A bigger course will require more time, at least a month and a half, if not more.

How much time should you spend studying for each 3 credit online course? ›

Research suggests that students should spend approximately 2-3 hours, per credit hour, studying in order to be successful in their courses.

What is the best duration for an online course? ›

The most profitable course length is considered to be 10-25 hours, with a revenue of around $10,000. To compare, courses with a 5-10 hours duration are about 75% profitable and bring much more revenue than eLearning courses of over 100+ hours (up to $6,000 income).

How much time should be spent on online classes? ›

What Are Industry Standards for Time Spent Learning Online?
GradeTime Spent Learning Online
Elementary School – Grades 1 to 41 – 2 hours daily
Middle School – Grades 5 to 82 – 3 hours daily
High School – Grades 9 to 123 – 4 hours daily

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